Saturday, September 4, 2010

So... what’s the plan?

Now my blog is up and running (I wanted to see if the first post goes up to satisfaction before really getting going)!

As my profile and header states... I am a screenwriter, director, photographer and head of creative & audio visual production at the Malta branch of an international integrated communications agency. As well as the obvious interests such as film, books and photography, I am also a big football fan (my team is the ‘legendary’ English lower league club Southend United, but, by way of an apology, I also look out for Liverpool as my Premiership club), world food lover and a wine, malt whisky, cognac and cachaca guzzler (not always all at the same time). Oh... Southend United's nickname is 'The Shrimpers', so that will explain my blog's title.

In the coming blogs, I would like to summarise my photography work of the last year or so.

I am also in the process of writing a new draft of a feature length screenplay, so maybe I’ll update the status on that project if there’s something interesting enough to say. This will be difficult because the real details of the script have to be kept a bit guarded.

Oh... and I have some possible TV commercials coming up as well as a magazine fashion shoot on the 12th September and I will be planning for that. It’s an interesting subject which I am looking forward to realising.

Hopefully I will be able to share little nuggets of info and tips with any readers of these blogs (nuggets I will receive as well as anything  I can possibly muster).

By the way, my official website, if you're interested is:

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