Monday, June 27, 2011

Waiting for Godard

French New Wave meets Waiting for Godot inspired Fashion shoot for June 2011 issue of Pjazza magazine.

Photography / processing: Mark Warner
Models: Jovana and Orsika at SO Management
Styling: Isabel Warrington
Make up: Justin Brincat
Hair: Antonio Patane'

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Life in a Day and Senna

It's that time of year where nearly every square inch of silver screen space is taken up by the huge, money guzzling juggernauts  known as the summer blockbusters (or is it now 'franchises'?). There are exceptions, but, on the whole, they offer little in the way of originality or creativity... and even less in real soul or human drama. I guess that's not what their aim is. Their aim is to generate as much bounty as possible and maybe pave the way for vapid sequels. The onset of 3D has just made them all the more unappealing to me.

With this said, I am really pleased to see two smaller films... and documentaries at that... doing so well upon their recent releases. They are 'Life in a Day' and 'Senna'.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Easisave TV commercial

This TV commercial was produced as part of a major national launch campaign for FIMBank's Easisave online savings product. The campaign also included radio, billboards, bus shelters, newspaper and magazine advertising and PR.

The campaign was entrusted to the integrated communications agency, Media Consulta, with whom Mark Warner is head of creative.

FIMBank is an international trade finance bank with its headquarters in Malta.


Agency: Media Consulta, Malta Ltd.
Concept / Director: Mark Warner
Production Company: Legwork Productions
DoP / Editor: Carmel Bruno
After Effects: Paul Camilleri

This video can also be viewed on YouTube.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Resonance film project

Resonance is the vision of SR Partners, a London-based motion graphics studio. It is a collaborative project in which over 30 independent visual and audio designers / studios are taking part. The aim was to explore the relationship between geometry and audio in unique ways.

The result is something varied, captivating and inspirational.

Hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shockwave-Sound.Com - Copyrights in Public Domain music and Classical music

I had a conversation with somebody a couple of days ago whereby I explained why, even though a composer passed away hundreds of years ago, they still had to get licensing sorted out for the 'recording' interpretation.

Then I found this article that really clears up the issue:

Shockwave-Sound.Com - Copyrights in Public Domain music and Classical music

Latest Pjazza shoot

On June 5 the regular Pjazza fashion shoot team was back together, along with two lovely models, Orsika and Jovana.

The concept this time around was inspired by two sources... the theme was losely derived from a famous play by a certaiSamuel Beckett and the aesthetic style was a reference to French New Wave cinema.

I called the story 'Waiting for Godard' and recently finished processing the final 10 images and delivered them to the happy editor.

The magazine comes out on June 26 with the Malta Independent on Sunday.

In the meantime, here are some behind-the-scenes pics.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Microbudget film

I recently read an article about microbudget filmmaking on the excellent website Filmmaker Magazine.

The piece was very pertinent to how I work and spoke, in part, to the aesthetics I aspire to and am drawn to.

I'm not one for written manifestos like the Dogma movement, but I do believe that microbudget filmmaking can be a choice and an ethos. It allows for a voice to be heard rather than be drowned by the big bucks and interfering execs.

Now more than ever, with the advent of affordable HD technology, desk top post-production and avenues of online promotion and (maybe soon) distribution, there is more of a reason -- and more of an avenue -- for independent filmmakers to get out there and create a sea change.

As I develop my project, Shadows, I have my eyes focusing more and more on this option of filmmaking with levels of creative freedom and democratic production we have maybe never seen before.

To read the article by Scott Macaulay, just click here.

Can you guess what this is an advert for?

This advert is so good, I just had to post it on here. I wish one of my clients would go for this kind of concept (and budget!) instead of getting shot down for the normal kind of approach.

Not only did it make me laugh, but it is really beautifully lit and shot as well.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did: