Sunday, September 5, 2010

Getting up to speed - part 1

This is the first of two or three new blogs where I'll just try and do a bit of catch-up and summarise my work of the past year.

In this part, I'll show some of my photography work without people as the main focus (I thought the best way to split my work would be between people and non-people-centric work.

Please click on the pictures for a full view.

Shot taken from the prow of a Gozo Channel ferry boat in Malta. I liked the way the image, converted to black & white, kind of looks like a scene from a WWII movie.

Early test for a Lomography look in Photoshop. I was particularly drawn to the texture of the shoes and how they were being 'claimed' by nature. The old pair of shoes were left in our garden by my father-in-law. I don't think he missed them; he doesn't wear shoes very often!!

The three images above were taken at an old house being renovated by friends. The place has amazing character. I wanted to give the first two pictures a kind of Vermeer painting look.

I was given permission to wander round the press with my camera. The place (again with a B&W treatment) reminded me of the set of an old serial like Flash Gordon.

I called this RGB Abstract and it was done with food colouring dropped in water. I didn't have blue colouring so I used colour channels in PS. Finally, the colouring was routed out and turned around so that it was going upwards from the base of the glasses rather than the normal downwards movement.

This is Bert, a cockroach that expired in my study.
I saved his remains until I felt they were ripe, dusty and webbed enough for some macro shots.

Macro shots of an Orchid flower with three different treatments
(top to bottom: colour, inverse colour and inverse B&W).
If you like this, there's more to see at my official website.

Thanks... part 2 coming soon.

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