About Me

I became the first person ever to complete a difficult level of Sudoku whilst travelling at Mach 3 in a supersonic jet. I have completed marathons in under 3hrs in six different countries. I have scaled four of the highest mountains around the world without breathing equipment and have swam the English Channel from France to England at its widest part -- and back again -- with one arm tied behind my back.

Well, I haven't. I haven't come even close do doing any of the above. My life is pretty mundane (so you're now wondering what you're doing here, right?), and there is nothing more sobering, nothing that gives you a good old reality check, than when you write an 'About me' piece. At least I do have a developed sense of self effacing humour to help me accept this realisation.

What I am is a husband, a father, a friend of some, not a friend of many (couple of billion-plus I would estimate), a British screenwriter / director and creative living on the Mediterranean island of Malta.

My story of averageness began when I was born in 1970. I have produced a wide variety of work, that will be my legacy for up to about 2 minutes after I shuffle my mortal coil, in mediums including feature film, short film, TV drama, music videos and TV commercials.

In 2009 I rediscovered an old love of photography. I am now of the age whereby I can have 'old loves' to rediscover. Although I enjoy experimenting with different areas, my main interests are in portraiture, environmental portraiture and fashion photography. I'd like to think I've learned enough from TV and film work to have an influence on my snapping style through lighting, composition and themes... but that's not for me to be the final judge.

I am also the Head of Creative & Audio Visual Production at the Malta office of the international agency, Media Consulta. The Malta office is a full integrated communications agency.

So there you go, that's me!

Oh, if you don't have anything better to do... like climb a mountain etc. ... please click here to visit my official website.