Sunday, September 5, 2010

Getting up to speed - part 2

Here's the people-centric round-up of some of my work pre-blog.

Please click on the images for a bigger view.

Selections of a publicity shoot for Malta-based singer/songwriter Miriam Christine.

An experiment in creating a portrait from typography with PS (the subject was, again, Miriam Christine). Each and every feature is made of words. The words/phrases were from lyrics of the singer's past songs.

My son Rio fast asleep one hot summer afternoon.

Images for a test shoot for Maltese-Brazilian model Thays.

Shots for dancer and TV presenter Sarah Mercieca.

Triptych of a designer I work with. I wanted to test out my 50mm lens and play around with some other effects to give an older feel and a bit of a tilt-shift lens look.

Selected tear sheets from June edition of Pjazza magazine fashion shoot.

Family portraits of Leli (the father-in-law), Leli and my son, Rio, Rio with his nana, Regina and finally, the little lad on his lonesome.

Test shoot for Rodianne. She had never modeled before this shoot and I was very pleased with the results. She took direction well and eased into the session very well.

Self-portraits. I was interviewed for a magazine recently and the editor asked for some pictures of me. I didn't have any so I had to do this DIY session quickly.

If you like these images, more pictures can be seen on my official site.

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