Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pjazza December Issue On-Set

I just delivered the finished pictures for the December issue fashion shoot for Pjazza. Izzy (editor) was really pleased, which is a relief. I'm really lucky to have an editor who is:

a) Fun to work with
b) Understanding and trusting of what I am going for
c) Enthusiastic about the results

The mag is out on 4th December with the Times of Malta. In the meantime, here are some pics from the shoot:

View from the terrace of our location.
Hair stylist, Antonio Patane' hard at work.
Venita Borg (make-up) gets going on Chloe Spiteri.

My sexy new assistant!
Alan after a demanding 10 minute set-up. Lazy bastard.
Alan needed a quick wash.

These photos: Isabel Ripard
Models: Alan Montanaro + Chloe Spiteri
Make-up: Venita Borg
Hair stylist: Antonio Patane'
Location: SAS Radisson Blu & Spa Malta Golden Sands

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