Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Microbudget film

I recently read an article about microbudget filmmaking on the excellent website Filmmaker Magazine.

The piece was very pertinent to how I work and spoke, in part, to the aesthetics I aspire to and am drawn to.

I'm not one for written manifestos like the Dogma movement, but I do believe that microbudget filmmaking can be a choice and an ethos. It allows for a voice to be heard rather than be drowned by the big bucks and interfering execs.

Now more than ever, with the advent of affordable HD technology, desk top post-production and avenues of online promotion and (maybe soon) distribution, there is more of a reason -- and more of an avenue -- for independent filmmakers to get out there and create a sea change.

As I develop my project, Shadows, I have my eyes focusing more and more on this option of filmmaking with levels of creative freedom and democratic production we have maybe never seen before.

To read the article by Scott Macaulay, just click here.

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