Saturday, October 2, 2010

Light trails

After a long, pretty tough day editing, and admiring Bruno's Mamiya RB67 that morning (Bruno is my editor, friend and long time collaborator), I was sitting in my car on the Gozo Channel ferry with my (non-Mamiya) camera in its camera bag on the passenger seat. I thought about taking some pictures to pass the time on the mind-numbingly boring 25 minute crossing.

I shot a set of pics from behind the steering wheel, through my filthy windscreen to get light trail effects. The dirty glass, I think (if noticeable at all) adds to the grungy feel.

The following images were taken with a 28-135mm zoom lens. I zoomed in and out whilst taking exposures set at 1/5 sec, f/4,5, ISO 100 and processed in Photoshop.

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