Saturday, October 2, 2010

All aboard the 3D bandwagon!

Who needs a story when you've got a pair of these?
As I set out to write this, I think to myself; 'Is it a coincidence that the number 3 key on my keyboard is also the key for the £ symbol?' 3D or £D?

It seems that more and more ‘big’ movies are being made to cater for the new 3D fad. Or, at least I hope it is a fad and not something to stay and increase. In my opinion, on the whole 3D is a cheap side-show gimmick and its spectacle (if you want to call it that) detracts from the emphasis of the elements of a film that really matter... story, characters and theme. And anybody that says that these things don’t matter in a mainstream movie clearly hasn’t seen Insomnia (flawed as it might have been) and Toy Story 3 (yes I know... but that was a 3D movie that bucked the trend as a solitary beacon). Actually, the 3D element in Toy Story 3 was completely pointless to me. 3D doesn’t make a film immersive... story, character and theme does that in a much more clever, subtle and effective way.

Watching Toy Story 3, I kept taking the annoying glasses off and looking at the screen with my own eyes... and discovered the film was actually made with vivid colours rather than the desaturated image I was watching for most of the time. 3D actually pulled me OUT of the film... and a very good film at that.


Not only is it Hollywood practice to go and hold back film releases so they can convert a film made in good old 2D into 3D (e.g. the bland Clash of the Titans), but now movies released long ago are being talked about for a dusting down and a bit of retro fitting. Amongst these, George Lucas is whoring his cash cow for another re-release treatment in PokeyRama, starting, they say, in 2012. How he will make the wooden acting of Episodes 1 – 3 (especially that of Mr Hayden Christensen) appear three dimensional, I dare to think. If he pulls that off, I will indeed be a 3D convert. The ‘classic’ trilogy is dear to me, and I hate the thought of them becoming defined by future generations as a set of movies ‘in 3D’.

No they aren’t. They weren’t and should never have been!

Other dusting downs being talked about include Titanic (he who subjected us the Avatar and really kicked the 3D ball rolling) and the first three Shrek movies. Watching a disaster that claimed the lives of over 1,500 poor souls back in 1912 as a 3D screen extravaganza would be fitting of the fads crassness.

I dare say this is just the tip of the iceberg (pardon the pun) and I fear for the future of ‘real film’ on the big screen, as if it weren’t hard enough already.

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