Monday, April 11, 2011

Sony NEX-FS100 Super 35mm Camcorder

This looks pretty damn good going by what I have seen and read so far... Sony’s new NEX-FS100 camcorder, due out early summer 2011.

It boasts an Exmor Super 35 CMOS Sensor and shoots 1080p60 at up to 28Mbps. It is an interchangeable lens camera (which is really important to me) and is fitted with an E-mount (but the short flange back distance – the distance between the surface of the lens mount and the sensor surface – means that it will also take A-mount lenses with an adaptor).

Pricing in the US is expected to be around $5,850 for the body plus another $700 for a kit version to include the 18-200mm F3.5 – 6.3 lens, viewfinder tube and shotgun microphone. Of course, I'm showing some rather 'sexed up' images of the camera kitted up for serious use...

Any thoughts? Opinions?

To me it looks like a very interesting addition to the growing list of low-cost HD camera options out there.

Video courtesy of My Sony Professional.

This is the music video shot as a test on the FS100...


  1. I really wanted and was waiting for this camera, but unfortunately the only positive comments I've heard for this camera are coming from the Sony people and the people that helped in camera design such as Den Lenie in one of the above videos.

    Independent camera reviewers have complained of plasticky feel to camera, no ND filters and this is a big prob (you'll need to invest in a matte box), only HDMI out, overall bad camera design and layout, spec for Pal version is much poorer then NSTS version and the list continues.

    Sony had a chance to attack the similar 35mm concept namely the Panasonic AF101 but seemed to have failed with this camera.

    Once you add all the bits and bobs that is lenses, matte boxes you'll end up with a very expensive camera for not too much pro high quality.

  2. I have read a few independent reveiws that were positive, so it is interesting to hear such a bad review... but seems like there is a basis for your arguments.

    The plastic and cheap feel is something one can only really comment on once the camera is in one's own hands and the HDMI out can become an issue, but as for the ND filter, I am not a lover of in-camera NDs. If I wanted a camera like this for higher end shooting, I would want a matte box and 'real' NDs.

  3. I agree a bit with Mark that using External ND's gives more flexibility but Whether you like it or not Internal ND's might save your day sometimes.
    Investing in A mattebox won't hurt, even if using the internal Nd's. Lack of variety of outputs may put me a bit off but it has 2 SDI-HD outputs as well which come in handy especially in cases where lenghty cabling to the external monitoring device is required.
    Actually the two major pro's above the Panasonic AF-101 are the larger sensor & 28Mbps.